WiFi Range Extender – 2.4G / 5G Dual-Band Connection, Plug And Play, 3x 3dBi Antenna



Key Features…

  • Never again experience a weak WiFi signal at home with this portable WiFi extender
  • Lightweight and simple plug and play design
  • 3x Built-in 3dBi antennas provide great connectivity
  • Supports Dual-Band WiFi frequencies to treat you with ultra-fast internet


WiFi Range Extender

With this WiFi extender from Wavlink, you’ll never again have to experience a weak WiFi signal or dead zone while you’re browsing the web. This cheap smart home accessory provides you with an easy way to boost your WiFi reception at home. It features a simple plug and play design. Simply plug it into your wall, and you’re ready to enjoy your increased WiFi range all throughout your home. Plug in your ethernet cable and this gadget will guarantee a stable extended internet connection at any time. From now on, you’ll be able to browse the web at lightning speeds anywhere in your home or office. This WiFi extender lets you connect all your electronics to the web over a larger distance and makes sure that a weak connection and poor signals will be an issue of the past.

After you have installed the WiFi range extender, you’ll instantly notice improvements in your wireless connectivity data speeds. This cool electronic gadget supports Dual-Band WiFi. Thanks to this, it provides you with the fastest data speeds out there. Whether you like to stream movies, play online games, or simply browse the web – anything is possible with this internet gadget. Thanks to its three built-in 3dBi antennas’ you can enjoy great connectivity throughout your entire property. Your WiFi range extender furthermore features a compact and lightweight design. This allows you to carry it along whenever you’re visiting a friend or enjoying a cottage trip abroad. No matter where you’re at, you’ll always have access to a fast and lag-free WiFi network.

This WiFi range extender comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets..


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